It's time to start planning your event. . . What will the theme be? Formal, or business casual? Do you want to involve your guests with an interactive experience or bring down the house with a dazzling floorshow? How about logistics? Scouting event locations. Organizing lighting. Staging. Multimedia. Coordinating caterers and the décor with emcees and musicians. Who will secure the insurance and necessary permits? So many options, so many decisions. So many vendors, so many costs. The paperwork alone can be overwhelming.

Enter Cal James Entertainment. From a handful of friends at a private penthouse dinner party to one thousand executives at a corporate convention, we have been producing exquisite events for over a decade. Located in the heart of bustling Times Square, Cal James Entertainment has our finger on the pulse of New York's entertainment community:

We feature in-house chefs, designers, craft artisans, florists and equipment experts. We are equipped to handle travel accommodations and meeting production, entertainment and security, subcontracting and legal services. And we have literally hundreds of venues on file, complete with location visuals and dimensions.

From that first creative spark of an idea to the moment the conductor raises his baton on the night of your event, Cal James Entertainment will be with you every step of the way: Solving problems. Meeting deadlines. Anticipating obstacles and circumventing them. All with a healthy sense of humor. Come, learn what it is like to experience the all too rare sensation of feeling like a guest at your own party. Contact Cal James Entertainment today.